first you are gonna need a few things

SHEETS of duct tape(you can find them at staples)

ROLLS of duct tape (for the bow)

scissors of x-acto knife.(for younger children i would use scissors or ask a parent to use the x-acto knife.)

a boxed present

First you are gonna tip the box so the opening is on the bottem.

Next CAREFULLY lay the sheet of duct tape of the side and try to flatten out any creases.

repeat the steps above until all sides accept opening is covered.

now for the flaps you are going to cut the sheet of tape so it covers the flaps.

now use a the tape of a roll and tip the box over and lay it on its side and laya piece of tape on the center so it looks like a present in commericals.

do the step abover on both sides.

finally create a bow(you can learn on my blog)

stick the bow on top and tadda you now have a box that will last for generations to come. merry christmas 🙂



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