i know this has nothing to do with duct tape but i thought that i should share with you how my year will go

jan 1st- make of posting every day

Jan 2nd-start resolution

Jan 31-forget to post (oh dang)

Feb 1st- blog twice to try to keep up with the demands of blogging

Feb 5-wish for a break off from school

feb16- make another call out to you guys in need of ideas(probabaly wont get a reply )

feb 18- randomly start giggling during lunch

feb 21-sad cause im single on valentines day

march1st-pratice my instrument and blog

march 6- need a new book to read so i lay and moan on my bed

march 11-blog and check stats(hope and pray i got more than 20 hits)

march 21-make pudding yeah always choclate

april 2-get my puppy a new toy (for all you stalkers he is a black lab mix and is out to kill all toys)

april 4-need to get antother toy for dog because he ripped it apart(dang you dog)

april16-start counting down for when school ends

april 21- really getting desprate for school to end(oh lord help me)

june 15-i think school ends but im to lazy to go check

june 17- got to favorite amusant park and swim.

june 22-sad how june flyed

augest 5- happy birthday to me( you better sing or else…)

augest 15 really sad because school starts soon

september 1- i think school starts and im REALLY REALLY sad

sept 15- wish for break from school

sept 23- halljeuah made it through september

oct 1st- bored and have nothing to do.

oct 15-still bored

oct 17- trick or treat nite i think…

oct 31-oh lored help me im so bored

nov 24-thanksgiving  yah

dec 1st-start counting down for x-mas

dec 14- call out to you in need of your ideas(hope for replies)

dec 17-shop for x-mas presents

dec 25-x-mas!!!!!!!!!!

dec 29- thank all of you for all of your brillant ideas

happy new year and does anyone know who coery haut is?!

dec 6-


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