Joe PA we all miss you so much, as a coach, a model, a inspiration, as a father and mentor. He thought that an education was so much more important than football. He cared about all at pennstate, not just the players. He never put names on the jerseys because he thought they were a team not an individual. He brang them many wins, he brought glory back to pennstate. Today I was eating lunch my friend told me please doesn’t get you anywhere. I replied yes it does but in my mind came Joe PA. She kept standing up for herself but I fought back and my friends ganged up on me but I didn’t care because I knew that with glory comes respect. I was watching his memorial and it said about how he diddnt want to be famous he just wanted to help the university. It feels like all of us lost something but I realized Joe pa would want us to get on with our lives so I will I don’t know if you will but I know that Joe PA will always be remembered in my heart.
Duct tape queen


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