first you are gonna need a few things tape

x-acto knife

duct tape





Step 1

Make one sheets of duct tape  1 strip wide by 11 inches long.

                            Step 2

Decorate your duct tape fabric with stripes, polka dots or clovers. For polka dots, trace a coin over a strip of duct tape using your pen and cut out the circles with the crafting knife. For stripes, cut long strips of various widths and colors and lay them on your duct tape fabric, then trim off the excess tape. For clovers lay out a piece of green or lime duct tape onto your cutting board, and either draw or stencil a clover onto the duct tape using your pen. Cut out the shape with your crafting knife.

                            Step 3

Fold your piece of duct tape fabric in half lengthwise (creating a crease), reopen it, then bring both edges of the fabric to the crease in the middle. Where the ends of the strip meet, pinch it together with you fingers and secure by wrapping a 1 inch piece of duct tape 1 inch wide around the middle.


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