first you are gonna need a few things

  • duct tape
  • scissors
  • wire and velcro
  • beads/sequins exc.
  1. first you are gonna need to create the design of a untied bow tie(if you do not know what that looks like look it up on the magical thing called the internet or google)
  2. now for the dimensions, for some random person would be,  4.9 x 2.8 inches tied; neck strap is 13 inches long.
  3. now for the cut out design there are two ways to do this , one you could look up a design pattern of a bow tie and print it out or two if you feel up to the challenge and have enough duct tape you could just free hand it.(I recommend the first option.)
  4. now we use duct tape create a sheet of duct tape that’s 15 in tall by 5 in wide so you have plenty of room to cut and draw and stuff
  5. after creating a sheet with the dimensions(a sheet means there is NO sticky stuff showing by simply putting more duct tape stick side to sticky side) chose plan one or plan to and begin!
  6. now you have your design to your liking now you have the option to decorate it.
  7. now its time to tie it on your neck sorry for all who know how to tie a bow tie but im putting instructions anyway but on a separate blog thingy whatever.
  8. now this is optional but highly recommended get a friend YOU TRUST WITH SCISSORS NEAR YOUR NECK and cut the bow tie off
  9. add velcro so all you must do is velcro it on instead of having a wrinkly bow tie ( i will tell you more about that in another blog thingy whatever.)
  10. TADA you are done now go wear to wherever 🙂

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