i can not belive im doing this but im taking a moment to talk aout spam. what is spam i dont give a crap but all i know is it can do bad things do online stuff. the reason i though of this is because i went to redo my site (hope you like it) and i ran into my spam count which i dont like to look at cause i just assume everybody loves innocent little me but then i saw the ammount of spam that i had gotten and i was all like OMG why do people hate me so much. i mean you must hate me if you are going to send me spam. then i was super sad for like 5 minutes because of you guys i will never ever get that time back. worse of all then i got another spam then i started writing this and you guys are reading it which brings us to right now. i mean like right now for me not for you. waitand you to i think wait im confusing my self due to the fact that we have two different right nows OMG im pulling a cat valentine(that means im freaking out) ahhhhhhhhhhhhh im you need me i will be in my room giving myself a headache thinking and freaking out. oh and rember send me no spam!!!!!!


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