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how to make a duct tape folder

hey my duct tape lovers, i thought i mitght excite you with a new post(now you jump up and down because your so excited)

first you are gonna need a few things

 duct tape





 first you must pull about 12 strips 9 inches long.

 next you layer the sides slightly over eachother

 now cover all that sticky by placing layers of duct tape horozionatly on the STICKY side only.

 now take about 3 in of the bottem( it must be taller than it is longer before you do this) and fold it up so it looks like the flaps of a folder. optional

make it look even preitter with other stuff


Joe PA we all miss you so much, as a coach, a model, a inspiration, as a father and mentor. He thought that an education was so much more important than football. He cared about all at pennstate, not just the players. He never put names on the jerseys because he thought they were a team not an individual. He brang them many wins, he brought glory back to pennstate. Today I was eating lunch my friend told me please doesn’t get you anywhere. I replied yes it does but in my mind came Joe PA. She kept standing up for herself but I fought back and my friends ganged up on me but I didn’t care because I knew that with glory comes respect. I was watching his memorial and it said about how he diddnt want to be famous he just wanted to help the university. It feels like all of us lost something but I realized Joe pa would want us to get on with our lives so I will I don’t know if you will but I know that Joe PA will always be remembered in my heart.
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how to make a duct tape neck tie

i got this idea from

first you are gonna need a few things

duct tape


rip 2 strips of duct tape 32 inchs long, slightly overlap them horizontally together.

repeat until you have it four strips wide.

get a old tie and trace the entire tie on the duct tape.

cut out both parts.

tape both parts of the tie together using the same color as the tie itself.


decorate the tie.


mini duct tape bag

first you are gonna need a few things.

duct tape

xacto knife


first you will lay six strips horizontally and lightly overlapping.

next you will cover all the sticky side in duct tape as well

now fold the sheet hotdog style.

take duct tape and seal both sides NOT THE TOP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

now take three strips of different colors and fold it several times so it looks thin.

braid them together.

tape each end off and tape it to the top sides of the bag.


add a design on the bag.

How to make a duct tape blog

First you are going to need a few things
A fat heart
A love for duct tape
A computer or iPod or iPhone
A love for duct tape
Amazingly good looks
First turn on device and get on computer and access Internet
Next type in search wordpress blog
Now you must click link to blog
Type required info
Tada u hav a blog and don’t forget to check out my new blog my big fat opinion coming out soon 🙂

how to make shoes out of duct tape

first you are gonna need a few things

duct tape



first you will put on old socks.

next you will wrap the sock in duct tape while they are on you bu not to tight because then you wont be able to get them off.

now you have the entire sock wraped so you can take it off

now you can create a strap for the back you can use velcro to strap the shoe

this is what it should look like

hope you like it and dont forget to comment and give ideas.


How to make a cell phone cover

First you are gonna need a few things
Duct tape
A cellphone
First you will rip a piece of duct tape long enough to wrap around sorta lose
Next you will do that step until the phone is covered
Now coat the sticky that is showing with duct tape and make it so that there is no sticky showing
Finally do the bottom
Taddaa now you have a stylish case for your phone

How to wrap a pencil

Ok this is really easy.
First you are gonnatake the pencil and wrap it with duct tape